Side Tale of 911 Events

29 December 2002

We neither accept nor reject the allegations made in this article. The allegations by an anonymous "spokesperson for the U.S. Air Force" are troubling. But we understand why this person would choose to remain anonymous. We offer the article in the spirit of open inquiry, and seek answers to the alleged gaps in the official version of the events of September 11, 2001.

AF Spokesman: FAA Alerted Military Immediately On 9.11; AF Prevented From Responding

TOP_VIEW conducted a phone interview on 12.09.01 with a spokesperson for the U.S. Air Force, located in New York.

This person was ordered to the Ground Zero, Pennsylvania and Pentagon 9.11 crash sites within several days of the events, as part of an Air Force investigative probe.

Crucial information was conveyed to us, related specifically to the entire matter of IF or WHEN FAA/ATC personnel alerted appropriate Air National Guard/Air Force units, that four large passenger jets were significantly off course and that all standard communications with these craft had been broken.

We were informed that standard procedures fully in effect on the morning of September 11 were absolutely followed to a "T" by U.S. Air Traffic Control personnel; that via established channels and according to established guidelines, U.S. Air National Guard and Air Force units -- which are ALWAYS on alert to be scrambled for intercepts of either distressed OR suspicious and possibly hostile aircraft 365/24/7 in these United States -- WERE DEFINITELY contacted by FAA/ATC on 9.11 IMMEDIATELY after Air Traffic Control had become aware of the developing situation with the jets.

The Air Force spokesman confirmed that after the alerts and requests for intercepts of the aircraft were received from FAA/ATC, orders from the HIGHEST LEVEL of the executive branch of the federal government were received, demanding that the Air Force stand down and NOT follow through with established scramble/intercept procedures that morning until further notice!

The U.S. Air Force's hands (wings) were DELIBERATELY TIED on the morning of September 11, until such time that the horrifying treacherous, murderous deeds had been carried out by the BushMob.

Our informant has told us in no uncertain terms that as much as seventy percent of Armed Forces officers -- with the NOTABLE exception of the U.S. Navy -- are VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to the treacherous, murderous actions carried out by profoundly corrupt and demonic elements within the federal government on 9.11, and to the wholesale treachery and demolition of the U.S. Constitution which said elements have now undertaken.

It was conveyed to us that the "story" is by no means over yet; that the fat lady has by NO means yet "sung", and that this large percentage of the military who DO support, uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution are NOT going let all this just "slide". They are simply waiting for the right time, to do all within their power to set things straight in the United States.

Our source furthermore fully concurred with the assessment of ourselves and others: that a CRUCIAL element in the government being able to "SELL" to the public their utterly false fables about WHY 9.11 death planes were NOT intercepted by Air Guard/Air Force units has to do with a deliberate, major and blatant distortion and twisting of the truth by none other than Dick Cheney himself; accomplished in the following manner.

Cheney, while being interviewed by Tim Russert on NBC TV's MEET THE PRESS on September 16th, claimed that the military needed authorization from the president before scrambling fighter jets to intercept American Airlines Flight 77.

THIS IS A BIG, BIG, LIE, plain and simple.

For example: remember two years ago, when golf pro Payne Stewart's small PRIVATE Lear jet went off-course and out of communication just after takeoff in Florida?

Within MINUTES, on an immediate alert from the FAA, U.S. Air Force and Air Guard jets were scrambled to intercept Stewart's jet and see what the heck was up (not that it helped much in that case...): "Several Air Force and Air National Guard fighter jets, plus an AWACS radar control plane, helped the Federal Aviation Administration track the runaway Learjet and estimate when it would run out of fuel." --CNN, 10.26.99

Interceptors were in direct proximity to Stewart's seriously messed-up aircraft within about TEN MINUTES of him having taken off. NOBODY had to go pull Clinton away from Vice-president Monica Lewinsky and get him to AUTHORIZE the INTERCEPT of Payne Stewart's jet that day.

Moreover, according to the same CNN article: "...officers on the Joint Chiefs were monitoring the Learjet on radar screens inside the Pentagon's National Military Command Center. -- CNN, 10.26.99

Air Traffic Controllers request military intercepts of private and commercial planes REGULARLY. Sometimes it's because communications have broken off; sometimes it's to inform a pilot that his plane has gone off course; other times it's to observe the situation directly - for instance, to see who's actually flying the plane and things like that. None of this requires presidential approval.

But there's more to how Cheney twisted the truth here regarding what is PROBABLY one of the biggest holes in the FedGov's 9.11 tapestry of lies . . .

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