Acoustic Guitars


70s Gibson fancy rock star guitar. $1100

Old production Blueridge D-28 copy. Solid top. $275

Harmony 000-18. Reset neck, pin bridge, Gotoh gears $250

Ugly Hohner triangular sound hole cutaway acoustic with pickup $350

FatDog's solid top D-28 replica $250

1950s Kay 000-size solid top. Tobacco burst; checkered b/w binding. Reset neck and pin bridge, clean; gold sealed gears. $275

60s Harmony 000-17. Reset neck, pin bridge and sealed gears. Solid mahogany. Bright. $250

1950s Kay 000-18. Pear shape, sealed gears, solid spruce top. $250

Reproduction of 30s National

Bell-brass body, chrome-plated, has a trussrod in the neck and Gotoh tuning machines. An old associate of mine called me and said he was manufacturing these old-style Nationals. When I got it, I couldn't believe it! It was GREAT! And you won't believe it for $650. They're somewhat limited right now, but they'll be sliding on through, real soon.

1920s Washburn 0-28. Brazilian rosewood. $450

1910 Oak Parlor 0-size Wood purflings, V-neck, solid spruce top. Plays great. $300

1960s Goyem (Goya). Swedish-built maple D-size, German spruce top, sunburst, old sealed gears. Rich and bright (Bluegrass?).$350

1960s Goya 000-18. $350.

1960s Goya Classic. Mahogany and German spruce top, fast and compact. $200

1960s Silvertone Ruby Burst 000. Maple, spruce solid top; chrome sealed gears, pin bridge. $250

1960s Harmony 000-18. Mahogany and solid spruce top. Reset neck, Brazilian bridge patch, gold sealed gears, pin bridge. Killer sound. $250

Blueridge D-28. Solid top. $275

Sherwood J-200

I love this stuff. 40s - 50s Kay-built. Sounds great. Real generic vintage. $400

1980s Washburn cowboy-style with preamp. Festival series. Ruby sunburst, cutaway. $450

1990s Blueridge D-35. Ebony bridge and fret board. Solid spruce top. $300

1960s Kay 0 size. Airbrushed 1/4 note designed. Bolt on neck, pin bridge. Clean. $100

1960s Stella 000 size 12-string. Pin bridge, 12 fret all birch. Slotted peghead. Reset neck "Lead JR." $225

J.D.S. Cutaway 000 size with pickup. Sealed enclosed gears. All mahogany. Oval hole. $275
Old Mexican Classic. Solid weird wood; play the weird classix. $60

J-200 with EQ

From Gibson's Montana shop -- really good quality, finally.
Most J-200s were lookers; now they are up to par for custom acoustics, like Taylor, Santa Cruz, etc. This one was from an old teenage pal of mine from the 60s. $1900 [with pinky case]

Romanian solid wood D-18. X-braced, reset neck, pin bridge, gold gears. Sounds like old J-50. Fat neck, low action. Made for big paws. $225

Blueridge Classic. Solid spruce top, mahogany. $200

1960s Stella 0-size. Pin bridge. Dark sunburst. $100

1980s Fender® D-28*. Cutaway w/p-up, spruce and redwood. $350

1950s Silvertone 000-size. All-birch, pin bridge. Reset neck, diamond inlays. Ruby burst, beat finish. $125

Hohner D-18. Plywood. $125

Traditional Martin-style acoustic guitar

This is perhaps the best of all we're offering. Its a replica of a very fancy Martin D-28. The top is solid spruce and its X-braced with rosewood back and sides, inlayed with black and white bindings. The neck has old, traditional, diamond snowflake inlays for fret position markers and is equipped with high quality enclosed tuning machines. Even if you forget about the fancy stuff, the sound quality is similar to instruments starting at $600. Our price: $250

1960s Conn 12-string D-size. Big, reset, big neck. Rosewood. Big pearl inlays. Fancy. $225

1950s Kay 000-18. Solid spruce top, reset neck, pin bridge, gold gears. $250

Admira Spanish Classic. Solid top. Rosewood. Clean. $200

Dooky brand 12-string.12 fret. Pin bridge. $150

1960s Standel 12-string (Guild built?). Solid spruce and mahogany. Big bridge. Big tone. $600

1970 Guild D-18. Solid spruce, mahogany. Gold and sealed gears. $600

Cutaway acoustic guitar

This is a professional quality solid spruce top, modern guitar. Its cutaway allows access for solos on the upper frets. The back and sides are mahogany. The top bracing is the traditional Martin X-style and it comes with high-quality enclosed tuning gears. The guitar has a transducer pickup installed under the bridge and comes with a three-band graphic equalizer. It has a really good sound. List price is over $600. I'm offering this at $300.

1970s Guild D-18. Sunburst with Martin thinline p-up. $650

Blonde Gruhn/Hohner 000. Maple cutaway. 1930-style, solid top, innovative spruce bracing, snowflake inlays. $500

Blueridge D-28. Cutaway/solid top with pick-up. $400

Martin Shenandoah D-18. Refin, all solid woods. $650

Kay J-200 1953. Ornate pearl inlays. Guild bridge, reset neck, gold Gotoh gears, mottled tortoise pickguard. $400

Ivory-stenciled tiger-stripe Stella. Pin bridge 0-size. $100

Dobro-style resonator guitar

This is a replica of a 1930s wood body Dobro. It really has the sound -- and has the modern appointments including a thinner, more comfortable neck, due to an adjustable trussrod PLUS high quality enclosed tuning gears. It sounds, plays and feels like the real thing. It comes in a brown satin finish with chrome hardware and resonator cover. List price is about $600; our price: $275

Stella 0-size. Sunburst, pin bridge. $100

Durango. Solid spruce top. Classical. $150

Washburn 1915 0-size. Brazilian rosewood style #1218 parlor guitar. V-neck. Good neck angle; plays great. $500

1930s pear-shaped Kalamazoo, Gibson-built. Dark sunburst. $350

Ugly orange Wretsch Rancher 60s. Triangular hole, triangular bridge. Goldplex pickguard. Horseshoe.

Hour-glass Harmony 000-17

Ghost of "Lick Mucous" these all-mahogany instruments play and sound great. $375

You'll cut the mustard with this pretzel bridged J-200N with elect from Gibson's Montana workshop! $1900.

Washburn 0-28 rosewood parlor-style guitar. Solid spruce top with herringbone binding. Very fancy pearl inlays, slotted peghead and fancy carved bridge. The only thing is this: it was made in the 1980s (not 1880s). $500.

1920s Palmtree decal by Regal. O-size with weird Rickenbacker-like peghead. Woodblock purfling. Neck was reset. Pin bridge. Plays real good. Sounds bluesy. $250.

Silvertone 50s J-200 copy. Solid spruce top with reset neck and pin bridge. $400.

Orpheum Leader. Solid spruce top. 1950s J-200-style. Neck reset, pin bridge, good gears, tortoise binding. $400.

40s Kay archtop. 16-inch, like Gibson L-50. Deep body, rubyburst. V-neck. Neck reset. $275.

Nylon string classic

Beginners need stuff, too. This is one of the best quality entry-level instruments we can offer. Our price: $100

Harmony solid spruce archtop, 3-piece f-holes. Sunburst. Reset neck. $275.

Martin 000-18 $600

Martin 000-28. $800

50s 5-18 Harmony mini-acoustic. All solid wood. Plays great, sounds great. Perfect travel guitar. Shortscale. $250.

Incredible handmade herringbone D-28 replica by Bernardo Rico. Steve Cropper plays and loves one of these. Very fancy, very high quality. Twenty-five years old. Could be $4000 in Santa Cruz but our Berkeley price is $1200.

000-size Guild 12-string. Good sound. $650.

from left: 000-17 Harmony and D-size Harmony

The Harmony Sovereign was the prolitarian D-18 -- all solid woods, but straight braced. Real ringin' sound. $400

Dobro wood body copy. REALLY NICE. $275.

Really nice Harmony Sovereign D-size. Airline label. Has reset neck and Guild bridge. And BOY! does it sound good! Straight braced. $375.

Top-of-the-line Hohner D-28 copy with solid spruce top and scalloped braces. Great value! $325.

Elvis could have played this 50s Kay J-200. Reset neck with Guild pin bridge, old-time tortoise pickguard. Big sound. $400.

Blueridge D-35 style. Ebony fretboard and bridge, solid spruce top. $325.

Elmo James-style big 50s Kay D-18. Big sound, solid top with X-bracing. You can dust it with this one for only: $350.

0-Kay: 000 Kay and a D-size Kay (Elmo James model)

Kays had a 26" scale length, like old Super 400 and Epi Emperors. Great rich tone. $350

Solid top D-18 cutaway by Blueridge. $375.

D-28 solid top Blueridge with gloss finish. $275.

Horrible Kent 12-string. 12-fret neck, concert-style body. Nice pin bridge. We did alot to try to save this one; its yours for $150.

Martin rosewood D-size. $900.

Budget all mahogany Hohner D-17 style. Matte finish. $125.

Crappy plywood Classic with sound hole decal. $60.

Sweet parlors: anonymous birch, Oahu 0-17, Regal 0-18, toiletseat fretboard

We have about 100 of these. Usually have neck reset and pin bridges. Great instruments from yesteryear. from $225

50s Kay solid spruce top 000-1. Neck reset, pin bridge, gold Gotoh gears, V-neck. Straight bracing. Great for blues. Old tortoise pickguard. $250.

Hohner HW-400. Plywood D-18. Glossy finish. $140.

50s Harmony Silvertone. Solid top, 000-size, spruce and maple. Neck reset, pin bridge, Gotoh gears. $250.

1950s Kay 000-size solid top. Tobacco burst; checkered b/w binding. Reset neck and pin bridge, clean; gold sealed gears. $275.

1960s Harmony 000-17. Reset neck, pin bridge and sealed gears. Solid mahogany. Bright. $250.

1950s Kay 000-18 pear-shape, sealed gears, solid spruce top. $250.

1960s Silvertone rubyburst 000. Maple, spruce solid top; chrome sealed gears, pin bridge, $250.

1960s Harmony 000-18. Mahogany and solid spruce top. Reset neck, Brazilian bridge patch, gold-sealed gears, pin bridge. Killer sound. $250.

1980s Washburn cowboy-style with preamp. Festival series, solid top, cutaway. $500.

Budget steel string guitar

This is a very good quality steel string replica of a Martin D-18. Its your typical, entry-level guitar, pretty durable and travels well. It has a solid inlay saddle in the bridge and adjusting rod in the neck to keep the neck perfectly straight. A good price at $125.

1990s Blueridge D-35. Ebony bridge and fretboard. Solid spruce top. $325.

1960s Stella 000-size 12-string. Pin bridge, 12-fret, all birch. Slotted peghead. reset neck "Lead JR." $200.

Old Mexican Classic. Solid spruce top, mahogany. $200.

Blueridge Classic. Solid spruce top, mahogany. $200.

1960s Stella-size. Pin bridge. Dark sunburst. $125.

1950s Silvertone 000-size. All birch, pin bridge. reset neck, diamond inlays. Rubyburst, beat finish. $125.

Hohner D-18. Plywood. $125.

1950s Kay 000-18. Solid spruce top, reset neck, pin bridge, gold gears. $250.

Subway A-style mandolins. Electric or acoustic, weird colors. $225.

10 Dulcimers that we can't sell for years! Some are beautiful. $75-$150.

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Ordering Merchandise

I understand your concerns about buying a guitar over the Internet. You can't put your hands on it. You don't know what it'll look like, what it'll sound like, how it will feel. Then there are the issues surrounding shipping anxiety: "Will it arrive undamaged?" "When will it arrive?" "WILL it arrive?" The concerns go on and on: "What's the tracking number?" "Will you ship it today?" "When will you ship it?" "Can I get it tomorrow?"

Here are five key points to put your mind at ease:


"Experience Ecstacy" for a week with your new guitar. If the instrument is not what you expected, then expect a full refund on merchandise returned in the condition of purchase. Fatdog considers this the backbone of good biz (and happy customers).

NOTE: There is no refund for shipping.

Trade-ins are seriously considered at a high value.

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