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Updated 22 April 2006

The Holy Grail of Blues Amps:

late 50s Fender Bassman with 4-10" speakers. This was used by some of the greatest blues musicians on Planet Earth, and accompanied many more of them. We're selling this for the owner on consignment. Call for a list of the musicians who've played through it. Talk about Mojo! This has got it! $3400

This is a trio of amplifiers that I have selected to offer at bargain prices. I really like these amps because they're upholstered in a blonde tweed fabric that is reminiscent of the 50s era * Fender® amps. In fact, they look very similar.

(G-11) The bedroom-style amp. Its pretty loud with distortion, but definitely in the realm of a practice amp. $50

(G-12) The garage jam amp. It gets pretty loud. It is rated at 20 watts and has reverb. Your folks or neighbors will definitely yell "TURN IT DOWN!" $100

(G-13) Closed back bass practice amp. Its not loud enough to perform with, but loud enough to practice and jam with. They all come with headphone jacks and alot of adjustable tone settings. If you play it loud with the headphones, you'll probably be saying "WHAT?" for the rest of your life anytime someone talks to you. $100

(G-14) Professional quality heavy-duty guitar cable/patch cord. Connect your instrument to the amp. There's alot of cheap cords that just crap out on you -- I won't be bothered with them. I'd rather just offer this one really good one that comes with a five-year warranty. You could probably spend $20 for something like this of USA quality. I sell it for $8.


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Fender® VibroChamp, Silverface. Sounds good. Replaced speaker, cabinet, knobs, screws, chassis straps, phono plug and speaker terminals and wires. Totally cleaned and polished.

Fender® Champ, Silverface. Sounds okay. Needs cabinet, broken tube socket, lamp bulb and jewel, three knobs, speaker, 6V6 tube. Replaced parts: #47 lamb bulb, jewel, knobs, speaker, 6V6 tube, cabinet, tube socket. Swapped cabinet from VibroChamp) Swapped cabinet, replaced speaker, replaced and rewired tube socket, circuit tested and verified.

Peavey Deuce. Excellent condition. Has noisy pots, switches, funny, low power. The unit was disassembled, cleaned all pots and controls, check switching, functions okay. General inspection shows that the tubes test okay, but not great.

® Deluxe Solid State Amplifier. Excellent condition. Amp sounds fine; channel switching is not right. Reverb and effects work fine. Channel 1 inoperative in channel 1 mode. Channel 1 works fine in parallel mode and works fine in Channel 2 input using channel switching mode. Probable CMOS logic switching chip is out. Unit not repaired.

Fender® Power Amplifier. Make: SRA400, Good condition. Fuse cap was wrong style, fuse okay. 1khz tone checks fine, program source on line input works fine, LEDs work and track together. Required fuse cap. Amp works fine, customer called about it. I'll notify him the amp is okay. Customer's name is Bobby....

Fender® Concert Amplifier Circa 1981. Excellent condition. 1 6L6 not lighting. Fuse is good. Channel 2 non-functional, Channel 1 low volume, reverb non-functional, excessive distortion at low volume, no clean sound. Cleaned tube sockets, tubes tested all okay not great, two ad 12AX7s replaced, cleaned all pots and controls, checked circuits and switching, reverb repaired. The amp cooks!

1986 Fender® Bassman Amp Head. Make: A44372 (chassis). Good condition. Small tear and dent in tolex, straps and handle rusty, slight rust on power xfmr. 6L6 tubes test a little low. 7025 preamp tubes good but microphonic. Some bulging in filter caps. Needs nut for 1 input jack, screws for output xfmr. Hum in normal channel. Works okay. Pots dirty. Replaced AC cord, replaced all filter and cathode bypass caps, rewired bias and output sections to Blackface Fender® specifications. Painted chassis straps and screws lack anti-rust, painted power xfmr black anti-rust. repaired Tolex, cleaned and polised. Bias adjustment.

Mystery Amp Head. Stereo 6L6s with 2 output transformers. Good condition, no handle, slight rust on power xfmr. 6l6 tubes test a little low. 12AX7 preamp tubes good but microphonic. Some bulging in filter caps. Hum in normal channel. Works okay. Pots dirty. Has metallic tone, clean, lots of hard-edged highs. Checked out and tested. Rewired output transformers to regular Switchcraft jacks. replaced all filter caps. Replaced wood chassis side piece.

Silvertone Twin Twelve Amp Head . Cabinet joint loose. Reglued wood cabinet and reinforcoed. Cleaned and polished.

Silertone Twin Twelve Amp Head. No s/n apparent. Excellent overall condition. Cabinet excellent condition, chassis and front panel very good condition. Slight hum, no problem, looks like filter caps have been changed. Tubes test excellent. Some are original Silvertone tubes. Reverb works good. Funky screwdriver slot master volume control replaced input jack 2 of Channel 1. Some rust on switch hardware. Some rust on power transformer. Three tube shields missing. TONS OF TONE! ELMORE TONE! THIS IS THE REAL THING! This is the only place you can get this kind of tone. Big, crunchy, sustain, handsful of fat, screaming lead notes. Just like all your favorite blues recordings. This is what they used!

Mod. DM-25. No s/n evident, stowaway head. Dooky green frog splatter paint job on amp head. Speaker cab. good condition; some wear on comers. Small tear in grille cloth. Speaker jack has been installed in amp and cabinet. Rust on handle, some rust and corrosion on chassis and front panel. Rust on power transformer. Missing two knobs. Amp hums, volume seems okay. Reverb works fine, trem okay. ONE MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF TONE! Deluxe Reverbs move over! You can't get this tone anywhere else. Big, bluesy, full sounding, with EL84 patented distortion. Not real pretty but it's seen alot in 45 years. Pot codes dated 1965. New filter caps, good tubes, good speaker. 25 watts of BLUE TUBE POWER!

Kustom Amplifiers (2). Serial number K188800, Serial Number K203203. Good condition overall, no rips, tears. etc. Both sound good, no apparent problems. Surprisingly good sound for SS amps. Reverb works, Master volume works. Good little combo amps. Surprising sound in an amp like these. Checked out amps functionality.

Danelectro Combo Amp. Model DM-25. No s/n evident, stowaway head. Speaker cabinet good condition, some wear on comers of amp and cabinet. Rust on handle, some rust and corrosion on chassis and front panel. Rust on power transformer. Overall very good condition. Original Jensen speaker. Speaker wires changed to 1/4" plug and 1/4" inline jack. Amp hums, volume seems okay. Reverb works fine, trem okay. Needs two 27189 tubes. Replaced filter caps. Put new parts under chassis and left old can cap to keep the hole filled. Cleaned front panel, chassis and cabinet. TWO MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF TONE! Deluxe Reverbs move over! Big, bluesy, full sounding, with 7189 patented distortion. Not real pretty but it's seen alot in 45 years. Pot codes dated 1965. New filter caps, good tubes, good Jensen 12" speaker. 25 watts of BLUE TUBE POWER!

Amplifier Repair & Stuff

Dave Hodtwalker is the steward -- our guru -- of Subway's amplifiers and parts. Dave has been a neighbor, a customer and associate for some 25 years. Now he's moving into the repair and customizing business. Take it from me: he's the dude. So check out his FATHER'S AMP REPAIR website or email Dave at

Amp Kits

These "kits" contain the most expensive parts of the amp. The kits were going to become a "boogie" style amp, small one 12" speaker and a 100 watts. You can turn them into whatever you want. The "kit" includes:

NOS Fender® Fiberboards

A throw back in time these Fiberboards were the innards to the Fender® Rhodes pianos. Now you can use the boards to replaced burnt out boards in amps. The NOS capacitors and carbon comp resistors are the same values used in Fender® amps and can be scavenged for your restoration projects. Most boards contain Sprague orange drops and the standard blue "drops" by Mallory.

NOS Fender® Output Stages

Again for the Fender® Rhodes Piano these are the final solid state output stages from the Rhodes setup of the seveties and early eighties. These are pretty high tech stages and will take some tinkering to get them to work. Great for hybrid amp designs.


All of our transformers are NOS some Fender® some equivalents.

Toridal Transformers

For solid state designs these are hard to find high quality toridals.
1. Primary: 117 @ 60 Hz, Secondary: 2x 31 volts at 8 amps
2. Primary: 117 @ 60 Hz, Secondary: 2x 45 volts at 8 amps

Hard to find Electrolytic Caps

Brand Rated

STM 10500 mfd @ 75 VDC
Sangamo 10500 mfd @ 75 VDC
Mepco 36000 mfd @ 68 VDC
Sprague 36000 mfd @ 75 VDC
Mallory 9300 mfd @ 40 VDC

Heat Sink Blanks

Small: 4"x 2 3/8" with five fins, great mounted "mesa style" near the power tubes

Large: 16 " x 3 " with 9 fins. Cut to fit your needs

* Fender® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

E-mail Eric the specialist with this stuff, for more information.


Ordering Merchandise

I understand your concerns about buying a guitar over the Internet. You can't put your hands on it. You don't know what it'll look like, what it'll sound like, how it will feel. Then there are the issues surrounding shipping anxiety: "Will it arrive undamaged?" "When will it arrive?" "WILL it arrive?" The concerns go on and on: "What's the tracking number?" "Will you ship it today?" "When will you ship it?" "Can I get it tomorrow?"

Here are five key points to put your mind at ease:


"Experience Ecstacy" for a week with your new guitar. If the instrument is not what you expected, then expect a full refund on merchandise returned in the condition of purchase. Fatdog considers this the backbone of good biz (and happy customers).

NOTE: There is no refund for shipping.

Trade-ins are seriously considered at a high value.

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