Get off of oil!
Get on a bike!

Subway Guitars has a long history of pro-bicycle activism. In the 1980s and 90s Subway ran a recycling bicycle project that put thousands of refurbished $50 bikes back on the streets.

We've had all sorts of bicycle mechanics, too -- men and women from all sorts of backgrounds with all kinds of needs involving inexpensive transport. Many people, just passing through Berkeley, have been involved in different projects, helping others make creative use of bikes while getting their scene together.

In 1992 we decided to re-allocate the space used for the bike shop to dedicated use supporting guitar manufacturing; we stored hundreds of bikes in a huge barn at Christos' Ranch. Now it's time to change again -- the barn's morphing -- through fits and starts -- into a hot new old-school musical studio with no technology newer than 1964. So we're bringing the bikes back down to Berkeley, fixing them up, and selling them for $50 -- while supplies last.

Many of the bicycles are decorated with all important and timely slogans such as:

Most of the bikes are from the 60s and 70s -- what we used to call "10-speed racers." These are your new "Classics" -- excellent bikes manufactured in Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the U.S. some 30 to 40 years ago. Among these old beauties you'll find an interesting assortment of vintage English 3-speed bikes with a litle trigger on the handle bar, used to shift the gears, as well as an assortment of old one-speed cruisers and cheap-ass, first-generation mountain bikes.

Students and environmental activists are advancing these redistribution efforts by refurbishing these old bikes. Local bike shops support our efforts with tires, inner tubes and other bike parts.

We must move in with the rest of the world!

Going back to the bike is especially important in these our new times, particularly in view of escalating gas prices, rising steadily toward $3.00 per gallon across this nation, and further into the manipulative pricing stratosphere of global GREED.

If you're living local, call (510) 841-4115 in the afternoons if you're interested in riding one of these fascinating old hoopties that see you here, or for information on a specific bike you're looking for. Fatdog will have it, if anyone does -- and at the price you're looking to see.

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