Dave's Pix

You've been looking for some new pictures -- Here they are!

Dave Kinnecut thought he'd interject some different style -- something other than what Fatdog sees as the bomb. And here they are. The guys found the time to pull them out; its up to you to identify what you see. Check with Fatdog and Dave for prices. They'll all up.

Old Japanese Canoepaddles

Early Ibanez.

More kookie japanese guitars


Vision from a hash pipe: Dutch guitars

Eko Condor and Corbras

A Family of Kays:

2 Gretsch and Silvertone

Hagstrom Trio

Hagstrom Trio II

Hagstrom Egmonds.

2 Dutch jazz guitars and an English bass

Hound Dog Taylor Trio

Italian Drek

Kay Family and Gretsch

Taj Mahal's L-7 and L-50

Longhorn Trio

More Kookie Japanese

RangeMaster Trio

with push buttons and built-in osterizers

Rectum Guitars

Roke Guitar (Dutch)

Deformed and thalidymide guitars

Rudge Banjo(back detail) and Ole Timely Banjo

Rudge Banjo and Ole Timely Banjo

Sharkfin Guitars

Taj Mahal's National Guitar

Three Basses

Tulip Trio

Univox Trio

Row of Vox Electric Guitars

More Pixs

Ordering Merchandise

I understand your concerns about buying a guitar over the Internet. You can't put your hands on it. You don't know what it'll look like, what it'll sound like, how it will feel. Then there are the issues surrounding shipping anxiety: "Will it arrive undamaged?" "When will it arrive?" "WILL it arrive?" The concerns go on and on: "What's the tracking number?" "Will you ship it today?" "When will you ship it?" "Can I get it tomorrow?"

Here are five key points to put your mind at ease:


"Experience Ecstacy" for a week with your new guitar. If the instrument is not what you expected, then expect a full refund on merchandise returned in the condition of purchase. Fatdog considers this the backbone of good biz (and happy customers).

NOTE: There is no refund for shipping.

Trade-ins are seriously considered at a high value.

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