Gibson-style Guitars

Updated 22 April 2006

Rockin' les paul thangs:

the archtop Ibanez (left) is $500 and the generic, flatop Special (right) is $400. Both have set necks. The les paul Special has a big, fat 50's neck. The Ibanez finish has been thrashed -- but everything else is great.

Mo' rockin' les paul-style:

white les paul custom (left) is probably of the lawsuit Ibanez era; the Melody Maker with P-90s (right) is a 60's thing that we worked on.$400 each

Les paul style


glued-in neck, flame maple top with vintage cherry sunburst (NOT prostitute lipstick red). Solid rock 'n rock classic! $280

Gibson Les Paul Special

with two humbuckings, red. $700

Gibson Les Paul Special

black with two P90s $700

Gibson SG

with gold hardware and two humbuckings $700

70s Gibson 335

sunburst $1600

Blonde Hohner 335


Gold Hohner Les Paul


Cream Bradley

Les Paul Custom $375

Epiphone Scross


Set neck, candy-apple Hamer

prototype with 3-coil motherbucker pickup

7-string set neck flame top

Old Santana-style SBG-2000

Ebony neck through with push-push pots -- REALLY good!

Old handmade FD les paul

Sports model with solid "big" rosewood neck, long-scale, glued into Honduras mahogany body.

Murdered Tokai les paul

Gibson Flying V

Glam-dork spent a fortune on this

Gibson 335 Dot

with case. $1000

Gibson V

Serial No. 32598719. Ebony fretboard, black hardware, pink combo case. Very clean; barely played. Excellent condition. $850

Les Paul Fleet

These are our typical high-end les paul replicas. (From left) The first is an all-gold 50s-style with a set neck and humbuckers. Next comes a beautiful black les paul custom replica with gold hardware. The third is a goldtop with P-90s and a Bigsby. The fourth is our flametop hot rock guitar. Its a replica of a 58 cherry sunburst. These go from $350 to $400 with vintage humbuckers or hot humbuckers at no extra charge.

Blues Guitar

Got this from an ooold elder blues guy named "Gregory" (he hates that name). Its an old Kraftsman. Plays and sounds great. $275.

Dilly-bar [Actually Dillion].

Top-notch 50s goldtop. Les paul style with soapbars. $400

Fatdog Riviera

Old faded goldtone Riviera copy with authentic parallelagram inlays. Glued-in neck and maple block down the center. $400

Rubyburst 335

Block of maple down the center. Glued-in slim neck. $400

Fatdog's SG

Long-scale with soapbars. Big early 60s neck. Schaller gears. Plus Honduras mahogany body and stars bridge makes this a tone MONSTER! Glued-in set neck. $600

The FatDawg

Custom Les Paul. Long-scale solid rosewood neck glued into mahogany body. Stars brass tunamatic. Loaded with tone and sustain. from $750

Clean 50s Les Paul hollow sunburst Kay with two crispy pickups, tunamatic bridge and Gotoh-style gears. $225

Our cherry sunburst 58 Les Paul replica. Super flame maple top. Glued-in neck. Shreding Schaller humbuckers. Leaves the Deluxe Gibson Epiphone at the starting line. This thing ROCKS! $350

Clean 50s Les Paul hollow sunburst Kay with two crispy pickups, tunamatic bridge and Gotoh-style gears. $225

The FatDawg Les Paul. This one has a maple neck with a Brazilian rosewood longscale fretboard. $750

Airline by Supro. Three pickup Les Paul. Art decco, with tv-finish. $400

Metallic red Les Paul copy. Gold hardware. $175

Old Guild BluesBird. Epiphone peghead, 1960. Wine red, one pickup, small neck. Clean. $1000

Heritage TV-finished Les Paul Special-style with H.B. pickups. $500

'60s Gibson. White. SG Special. Two soapbars, baaad-ass bridge. Jackson, this is for you! $800

New Gibson Firebird. Pink flesh innards from Gibson Rep. (Don't forget the combination case) $1000

Cheap-ass Regal Les Paul Junior copy. See-through plexi-glass pickguard and knobs. Two humbuckers. $125

OLD. White, gold and black. Supro Dual-tone. Decco. Les Paul. $375

Cream, set-neck Les Paul, Jr. with two HOT! humbuckers and gold hardware. $275

Cherry-red Hohner ES-335. $400
Wine-red Seville Dot 335 copy. Gold hardware. $350

Blondish-gold Les Paul with Bigsby. $300

Ugly cherry sunburst Les Paul copy by Harmony. $150

Tobac. Les Paul copy. $175

Black Les Paul copy. Clean. $150

Dark blue sparkle Les Paul copy. Gotoh gears and bridge. $200

Cherry sunburst 335 copy. Set neck by Hohner. $400

71 Les Paul Goldtop $1500

Custom black Les Paul with binding, pearl. $400

7 string Les Paul (peghead detail)

7-string Les Paul

A guy played a solid rosewood neck Les Paul that I make and said: "Can I have this as a 7-string?" I said; "Sure!" He was one happy dude. Features solid rosewood neck with a nut width of 1-7/8" glued into a Honduras mahogany body. Blade humbuckers and custom bridge and tailpiece. Tons of sustain and tone. $800

Black Les Paul Custom $1500

Natural 3-pickup Les Paul Custom $1800

71 SG Standard $1000

70s Gibson ES-325 $800

Heritage 335 $1000

All gold Les Paul set neck. HOT! pickup. $374

Dorky Dean Cadillac (USA) Les Paul style $450

3 pickup SG Custom copy. Good quality $300

High-end Framus Les Paul. Fancy ebony fretboard. Gold glitter pickguard, natural finish. two mini-humbuckers. $350

Bolt neck Les Paul copies. (The guitar that "made Milwaukee nauseous"). Sunburst and assorted finishes, sealed gears. $125-$150

56 Supro Dual-tone. White with gold hardware. Original case. $325

Airline 3 pickup, Supro Les Paul custom. Red-black sunburst. $300

Airline 3 pickup, Les Paul custom. Blonde. T.V. finish art deco. P-guard tunamatic bridge and sealed gears. $400

70s Epiphone Genesis. Black 2x cut Les Paul thang. Quality budget axe (see Bass section for matching bass). $350

Modified Marauder. Two humbuckers, steel blue pickguard. One vol, one tone. $350

1966 SG Special. Twp soapbar (P-90's) super jumbo re-fret Schaller. $450

Early 80s Angus Young style SG. Two humbuckers. Baaad-ass bridge. $450

61 Double cutaway Melody Maker. Mirror pickguard, trick series/parallel & phase wiring. $425

82 single cutaway, Melody Maker Fire-engine red. One humbucker. $400

Gibson-style Les Paul with set/glued-in neck

Cherry sunburst finish over book-matched flamed maple top. Les Paul-style solid body guitars are re-appearing as a musician's favorite, hence, I offer at $350. The list on similar guitars is around $900. This comes with humbucking pickups, a tunamatic bridge, and vintage-style Kluson tuners and is very reminiscent of a classic 1958 Les Paul. Sounds good at all volumes.

Ordering Merchandise

I understand your concerns about buying a guitar over the Internet. You can't put your hands on it. You don't know what it'll look like, what it'll sound like, how it will feel. Then there are the issues surrounding shipping anxiety: "Will it arrive undamaged?" "When will it arrive?" "WILL it arrive?" The concerns go on and on: "What's the tracking number?" "Will you ship it today?" "When will you ship it?" "Can I get it tomorrow?"

Here are five key points to put your mind at ease:


"Experience Ecstacy" for a week with your new guitar. If the instrument is not what you expected, then expect a full refund on merchandise returned in the condition of purchase. Fatdog considers this the backbone of good biz (and happy customers).

NOTE: There is no refund for shipping.

Trade-ins are seriously considered at a high value.

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