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Ibanez '68 Strat re-issue

Serial No. F773632. Lawsuit collector's version. Old-style Ibanez-Fender case. Very clean -- like new. Excellent condition: $800

Beautiful flame Roadster

Serial No. F791567. This is top Ibanez stuff. $225

Ibanez Artist

Serial No. J8240804. Mini 335. 14 inch lower bout. $650

Roadstar II

C84. Japan. Has phaze switch and fiesta-red everything. $225

Ibanez Blazer

Two humbuckings. F81. $225


Flame-burst and bound. $325

Cream Roadstar II

With push-pull pot humbucking splitter. Heavy wank and floyd setup. $300

Candy-apple red Roadstar II

RS-440. Push-push pot. Floyd-style wanking bridge. J-85. $250

Pointy black rock stick

Shouldn't be in Japantown; should be Koreatown. $200

Candy-apple red RG-350

Two humbuckings and a single. Floyd whammy system. ?konntoo? $275

Ibanez Star

Serial No. K83. Customized. $250

Ibanez CN-100

Archtop. GREAT les paul-style instrument. Serial No. D78. $350


Sunburst. Serial No. G83. Original case. Inquire

Blonde FG 100

Serial No. F82. 70s Ibanez Jazz guitar. 16 inch lower bout. Like Gibson ES-175. Original case included. Inquire

Wild Bunch

Tiesco Tulip with 3-piece pickguard $200, Ibanez Deluxe goldentone longhorn Bison with enough switches to satisfy NASA $250, Tiesco Phantom $250, Tiesco Tulip with 3-piece pickguard $200, Norma Mutant Jazzmaster SG $200

Ibanez Bison

A very early version of an Ibanez Deluxe goldentone longhorn Bison. $250

Weird Tiesco basses

Zimgar. Early 60s Japanese freak with Jetsons z-shaped pickguard. Gotoh gears and tunamatic bridge. $125

Two pickup Tiesco. Early with rocker switches and thumbwheels. $200

Weird, squirrelly, early 60s St. George. Two pickups, rocker switches, iridescent, large, ghost-like pickguard. $200

Binding Kings of Kent say: "Three layers is not enough!" Wine-red, big, bizarre, thin, hollow, SG electric 12. $350

Rodeo. Cute and solid. Primordial Japanese solid-body. Metal pickguard. One over-loaded microphonic pickup. Unique shape, but Zen. New gears and tunamatic. Old clamshell. $175

Tiesco 3 pickup tulip shape. Real early. Weird chrome pickguards. This one is really bizarre. $225

Tiesco Spectrum V, metallic red

Lavender Yamaha butt-ugly strat®. Vox-style retro teardrop with goofy f-hole $375

Univox Strat* with 3 humbuckers -- enough to wake a dead man! $300

French racing-blue Tiesco Phantom (Vox) $250

Two pickup Tiesco tulip guitar $125

Weird Tiesco Tulip chrome 3-piece pickguard. $200

60s Japanese Mustang® copy. $150

Green and black crackle Tiesco Phantom iridescent green pickguard with 2 Ric toaster-style pickups. $250

Metallic blue Dylanesque Tiesco Sharkfin with three pickups. $375

Tiesco Tulip two pickup guitar with good gears and a tunamatic. $150

Early Tiesco electric. 4X2 peghead, striated pickguard. $200

Sunburst Tiesco Phantom copy. Tunamatic and Gotoh gears. $250

Early 60s Houndog Taylor-style Tiesco. Thumbwheels, rocker switches, raised chrome pickguard, tunamatic bridge. $125

Candy-apple-red Tiesco May Queen. Really bizarre boat paddle. Hollow with goofy f-hole. $600

Weird Tiesco MusicLander two pickups, tunamatic, Gotohs, raised chrome pickguard. $175

Various Tiesco' 60s freakozoids. from $200

Tiesco bass. Like jazz bass®. Square magnet pickups. rocker switches. Push-pull pot for phaze. High-tech bridge. 30" scale length. $250

Japanese copy of a Kalamazoo SG -- very cool. Tunamatic Schaller humbucker. $150

* Fender® Stratocaster and Telecaster are registered trademarks of the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation.

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