Join Mike's Militia!

By Michael Moore
29 October 2003

Operation Ten-Minute Oil Change

"We cannot leave this election to the Democrats to screw it up again. It will require the active participation of all of us to get out there and snatch our country back. I am writing this as best I can, as personally as I can, to each of you who read Stupid White Men (more than 2 million Americans), each of you who saw Bowling for Columbine (over 30 million of you) and all of you who have come to my Web site (over a million a day). That's enough for a small army, and so I once again want to call out Mike's Militia to rise up and beat back the Invasion of the Bushies.

True, we don't have the money and the media outlets they have -- but we've got something better: We've got the people on our side. And unless they declare martial law or suspend the election, unless they've got Katherine Harris sucking chads in all fifty states, then there is no good reason why we shouldn't be able to beat them.

As your commander in chief, I hereby instruct you to engage in "Operation 10-Minute Oil Change." By doing something for just ten minutes each day, we will be able to remove the oil slick of Bush and his oil buddies who now sit in the White House. I ask each of you to perform the following guerrilla activities between now and November 2004. They will take only ten minutes each day:

There you go. You have your marching orders. Don't fail me, and don't fail yourself. They out-smarted us once -- and they're supposed to be the stupid white men! Let's not let it happen again. There's just too damn many of us to have it end up any other way. We love our country and we care about the world in which our country exists. There is no reason to sink into some self-centered despair or cynicism. There is every reason to put this book down right now, pick up the phone, walk out the door, and make a difference.

Dude, where's your country? It's right outside your window, just waiting for you to bring it home.

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