Fatdog Moves Back Home

25 February 2005

Well, after 3 years in the new location, life at Subway Guitars is changing again: Fatdog's moving the store back to Cedar Street.

The San Pablo location allowed Fatdog to showcase his collection of "a quarter-mile of guitars," as he puts it, in one location; it was a sight to see. But life is nothing if not change. The 1511 San Pablo building formerly housed a dry cleaning establishment. The processing chemicals they used weren't removed when the cleaners abandoned business; time works its magic and now the cleaning chemicals are leeching into the groundwater. The building has to go. That's good for our future, but not so good for Mr. Dog.

Fatdog and his crew of strong men of good heart and generous spirit have been moving the store since February 6 back to the original location. This is backbreaking work that separates the men from the boys -- and a good deal more.

The store has remained opened during this transition period, but its still rough to catch Fatdog there; give him a week to sort things out and he'll be back to business as usual, probably by March 6. (Who could take more than a month of this?)

Very special thanks to all of Fatdog's friends who stood up, as good friends do, to lend a hand (and a back) when it was needed during this arduous process. Great blessings to Carl and Randy, Knoell, To-rah and Ed for showing the true meaning of friendship and support, right when it was really needed.

Subway Guitar's new number is: (510) 841-4106 Still the same times, the same days.

Subway Guitars
1800 Cedar Street
Berkeley, California 94703

(510) 841-4106
noon til six
Pacific Time

Monday through Saturday