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Synthesizer-Ready with RMC Gear

This falls into the category of one of the most unnatural requests. It illustrates the possibilities from our workshops. The highly flamed and sunbursted fiddle axe, with all of its outstanding high-tech features -- Schaller gears, Firebird pickups, and Birdlandesque tailpiece -- was the foundation of this project.

A Southpaw wanted a lefty fiddle axe (new/old stock, 60s body) to be taken a step into the future, interfacing it with his computer and synthesizer with Piezo bridge saddles.

I chose the RMC Powerbridge with individual saddles, powered by the RMC Polydrive I. It offers either a 13-pin connector or a 1/4 inch guitar jack.

The four knobs and mini-toggles serve the following functions:

The mini-toggles function with a 3-way switch between the synthesizer and the magnetic pickups and a momentary click switch for the synthesizer. Up on the shoulder there's the traditional Gibson-style 3-way pickup selector. The RMC components are of top quality. Check out their portfolio at RCM PICKUPS.

The amazingthing about the project was the cost. The lefty fiddle axe, with the Firebird pickups and appointments cost $400. The RMC Powerbridge and Polydrive unit list for $600, but we get it to the customer for $400. The custom wiring and installation is another $100.

The voicings just between the Piezos and the Firebird pickups are really dramatic. The synth stuff can take you anywhere.

Basically, we can adapt most instruments -- acoustic, archtop/jazz or solid body -- to this RMC electronic system at a very reasonable cost OR obtain for you any of their portfolio at a very good discount. My standard formula is a 25% commission, on top of the wholesale price.

Barbie Was Here!

Gibson-style SG bass. Schaller bass-bucker pickups. Powerful bridge and gears. $300

Goya 60s Folk Guitar

German spruce top, X-braced, similar to Martin 000-18. Plays and sounds GREAT. $400

Deluxe Harmony Sovereign

All solid wood BIG screaming tortoise pickguards and engraved peghead overlay. Schaller gears. One of six beauties. $400

Classic 60s Harmony Sovereign

All solid wood. Smooth sound from straight braces, like big Martin D-18. Schaller gears and pin bridge. $400

Canoe Paddle

Doubles as a bass guitar. From Lee's Valley Custom. Long-scale Phantom with cool green hammertone finish. Toiletseat pickguard, toaster pickups. Black neck. $500

Fatdog's SG

Long-scale with soapbars. Big early 60s neck. Schaller gears. Plus Honduras mahogany body and stars bridge makes this a tone MONSTER! Glued-in set neck. $600

Rocket to the Moon!

Three pickup, Bigsby. 60s Harmony Rocket. Cherryburst. $400

Two Pickup Harmony Rocket

One of 15 in stock. Two-tone burst. Dual pickups, great for blues and rockabilly. $325

Ordering Merchandise

I understand your concerns about buying a guitar over the Internet. You can't put your hands on it. You don't know what it'll look like, what it'll sound like, how it will feel. Then there are the issues surrounding shipping anxiety: "Will it arrive undamaged?" "When will it arrive?" "WILL it arrive?" The concerns go on and on: "What's the tracking number?" "Will you ship it today?" "When will you ship it?" "Can I get it tomorrow?"

Here are five key points to put your mind at ease:


"Experience Ecstacy" for a week with your new guitar. If the instrument is not what you expected, then expect a full refund on merchandise returned in the condition of purchase. Fatdog considers this the backbone of good biz (and happy customers).

NOTE: There is no refund for shipping.

Trade-ins are seriously considered at a high value.

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