One Million Taxpayers for Peace

If you want peace, why do you pay for war? If you're disturbed that 50% of your taxes support wars, speak to the government in its own language, money. Boycott War!

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Before you pay your taxes, or even after you've paid your taxes, you can boycott war. To see how, visit or write to:

One Million Taxpayers for Peace
c/o Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County
467 Sebastopol Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

One Million Taxpayers for Peace aims to give a clear, profound voice to the millions of Americans opposed to this country's escalating militarism. Walking in the footsteps of M. Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., this nationwide grassroots campaign invites people to pay taxes only under protest and explains how to engage in a very low-risk civil disobedient act: Reduce your IRS payment a symbolic $10.40 Send that $10.40, instead, to One Million Taxpayers for Peace, which will use the collected "peace tax" funds to finance conflict resolution programs in schools and communities nationwide.

In teaching and practicing nonviolent solutions to aggression and conflict, we affirm that war is obsolete, and that we are transforming the culture of violence that war engenders. The website includes sample letters to tell decision-makers, media, and the public there is indeed widespread opposition to the government's agenda.


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