Any way you look at it: We're getting creamed.

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Here are a few excerpts from February-March 2003:


The Bush administration is actively planning to use nuclear weapons to destroy underground bunkers and thwart the use of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Defense analyst William M. Arkin learned about this unprecedented integration of nuclear weapons into battlefield planning from confidential sources and leaked memos. On Jan. 26 he wrote in the L.A. Times that adding nuclear weapons to the "normal option ladder makes their use more likely--especially under a policy of preemption that says Washington alone will decide when to strike." This dangerous policy is likely to lead other nuclear powers to respond in kind.


The 2004 budget the Bush administration proposed in February contains increased funding for domestic security and the military, but little else. Of $30 billion in new spending, $14 billion is for the military and $5 billion is for domestic security. There is a $1 billion increase in education spending, leaving only $10 billion for the escalating needs brought on by an economic downturn and record-breaking state and city budget deficits. At the same time, Bush is pushing for a $674 billion tax cut over the next 10 years, which will put additional wealth in the pockets of the rich.

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