First Rough Cut

Fatdog's having an exciting summer vacation, excavating on an archeological dig -- in his own warehouse! There's stuff that's been buried there for 20 or 30 years and we're now trying to put it all in an inventory, with numbered items. If you see something that catches your fancy, give him a call: (510) 26-9685. He can go down and get it out and give you an evaluation. Almost everyting needs something -- from minor tweeking to restoration.

Fatdog Sez:

Years ago, the guys would clean up the shop and just stuff a truck full of old guitars -- things that were either duplications or things they just didn't like -- and send it down to the warehouse. And, of course, with Berkeley's history of anarchy -- they just PILED IT IN THERE! In some places, the six-pack boxes and cases create piles 30 feet high. There's a big ladder there and I told one of my buddies that he could just climb up there and DIVE into the pile; whatever he comes up with in his teeth I said he could keep!

Another of my old buddies -- "Skip the Zip" -- notorious for having HUGE piles of liquidations and guitar dookie, entered the warehouse, looked around for a few minutes, then came out shaking his head saying: "This is obscene Fatdog -- OBSCENE!"

I said, "Come on dude, let's take a look at this cool old shit!

He said, "I can't even do it...."

Anyhow, this excavation is a true herculean task. Along with 2000+ guitars, there are hundreds of old speakers -- which I hope to get model numbers on -- thousands of guitar necks, bodies, and all sorts of parts. There are even rolls of naugahide that covered old Mesa Boogie amps or even tweed Fender amps. This isn't repro stuff. There are old guitar catalogs, zillions of tuning gears, bridges and pickups.

Stay in touch with this warehouse section. We'll continually add to it and you might find your "Holy Grail" that was some old piece of Subway dookie....

Sometimes when I'm looking for shit down there, I'll open a case and go: "What the hell is this Gretsch Anniversary doing here!" or "A Fender Mustang!" Well, years ago, if there were too many Stangs or Wretches on the racks, these guys would take some funky ones and say: "Get them out of here; ship them down to the warehouse!" So I myself am in awe, even though it's an exhausting task.

. \
429A Dean ML. Neck through, non-trem. Ebony board.
429B Dean ML with flame cap and floyd.
430A Dean V with trem and ebony board
430B Dean V with trem and ebony board.
431A Dean ML. Ebony board and floyd.
431B Dean ML. Ebony board and floyd.
432A Dean V. with flame cap and floyd.
432B Dean V with a flame cap and floyd.
433 40s carved-top Harmony Cremona. Fancy with herringbone and pearl. Rubyburst.
434 60s Japanese hollow body les paul with f-holes. Sunburst
435 Clarion tenor banjo. Tulip vine of pearl, fancy purfling resonator.
436 Hagstrom II. Sunburst. Comes with original tiger-striped cased.
437 Black plastic Hagstrom. with King’s neck.
438 Ibanez Axestar. Black. Japanese headless bass with bizarre abstract body. Two humbuckings and original form-fit base.
439A Vox Phantom guitar case (empty).
440A Neil Shoan Odyessy. High-end, neck-through PRS-style guitar. Les paul-like; two humbuckings.
440B 60s Fender Strat case.
441A Black block jazz bass replica. So REAL it could fool the best! Burgundy-burst. Made in Russia. Comes with Case.
442A Hofner Cavern bass replica. Early 60s. Two pickups by the neck.
442B Original Beatle bass case.
443A 60s Norma elongated stratoid. Sunburst. Cool 60s Japanese.
443B Vox case. Rectangular. Grey.
444A Japanese Audition. 60s Sunburst. Very cool primoidal mustang-thang.
444B 60s Fender Strat case with orange lining.
445A Silvertone Danelectro. Black sparkle.
445B Danelectro Short-scale amp and case.
446A Solid-body baritone with Danelectro neck. Short-scale.Yellow.
446B Danelectro short-scale amp and case.
447A Early Japanese Mustang with raised metal pickguard. Tan body.
447B Fender Bullet molded case.
448A Japanese 60s Orpheus. Super-clean. Red-burst, rocket switches. Mustang-ish. Original triangular case (hard). Came from a time machine and looks brand-new!
449 USA-Dean Strat. Humbucking at the bridge. Two single coils. 24 frets.
450A National. Grey double-neck, 8-string lap. Rainbow-colored inlay markers.
450B Fender case.
451A Univox plexiglass guitar.
451B Alembic bass case. Stanley Clark-style.
452A Kaye single cutaway archtop hollow bass. Weird 4-in-line peghead. Interesting graphics.
452B USA Flying V case. Fender-style.
453 Peavey F-27. Ugly T-40 era guitar, but has single coil in neck. Very high-quality. Original molded case
454A 61 red English Vox Stroller. Like Mustang. Clean. Rare.
454B Peavey case. Black molded
455 Harmony. Single cutaway archtop. Early 50s.
456A Harmony 000 Sovereign. Hourglass body. Early 50s. Pin bridge. Flamed mahogany neck.
456B Molded classic flight case with built-in humidifier.
457 62 Electro Rickenbacker lap steel. Red (with case).
458 Bird Dog. Red. Two Firebird pickups, maple strat neck.
459 Regal baritone yukelele. Solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides.
460 Penn Kaye-built 50s tenor banjo. 16-lug with resonator.
461 Beautiful 30s Maybelle tenor guitar. Regal-esque peghead. Mother-of-toiletseat fretboard and peghead overlay. Solid spruce top with tobacco sunburst finish.
462A Italian Eko 000 steel string. 60s.
462B Durado 60s Japanese 12 000-size.
462C Japanese Classic. Cheap-O.
462D 60s Eko 12. D-size. Ranger-12.
462E Espanola Mexican D-18. (Side damage: will probably be fine). Filipino J-45 copy with Gibson decal and flower pot. Ruby-burst. Round shoulders and solid top.
463A Kimberly 60s fiddle bass. Tiesco-ish big body. Sunburst.
463B Early 60s Tiesco Mustang-thing. Tobacco sunburst.
463C 00-17 Gibson 1940
463D Solid wood Martin 12 Copy from the Philippines.
464 1964 Eko L-7. Rubyburst, two pickups.
465 1960s pear-shaped 000 Kay. Pin bridge neck reset. Subtle tobacco finish. All birch.
466A 1-28 Washburn Circa 1910. Pyramid bridge. Original tuners with bone buttons.
466B 1920s 0-size with oak back and sides.
466C 1890s European L-size. Flame maple. Herringbone multi-purflings. Bone tuning buttons.
466D 0-18 Stella. Birch back and sides; solid spruce top.
467A Jumbo Kay archtop. Kamico. Oval sound hole.
467B Kay Thinline 125 Two segmented f-holes.
468A Long-scale Japanese bass Redburst. 60s.
468B P-bass case Hard. Formfit.
469 Wretched Japanese electric. Two pickup.
470 60s Tiesco MusicLander-style.
471 Harmony Jizzcaster. Redburst.
472 West P-bass copy. Maroon.
473* White surfing Univox. Jag-like. Has raised design on peghead. Whammy. Original strap even.
474* Blueridge J-200 solid top Rounded cutaway. Pickup with EQ. New/old stock. The production is long gone.
475 Kay L-7 Solid top
476A Early kookie Japanese Astrotone. WILD-looking. Chrome. Rocket switches. Sunburst. Two pickups. Good quality.
476B Red Kappa Continental mustang-style. Two pickup.
476C Aria 60s Japanese 330 with lots of toiletseat.
476D Cheesy SG copy Good pickups
476E Italian Classic Not bad
477A Supro Pocket bass. Sunburst
477B Les paul case
478 Eko Baracuda. Redburst
479A 1920s Stella. 0-18 Sylvia brand. Neck reset.
479B Recangular extra-wide Vox case
480A Tiesco Red to black sunburst. 3-pickups. Four rocker switches. Telecastor neck.
480B Fender Bullet molded case
481A Franciscan 12-string carcass. Broken peghead
481B Decca child's guitar. 0-size. Not bad
482A Vox 330 Three pickup. Sunburst, funky body, good neck with ebony fretboard
482B Gibson 330 case. Cardboard
483 White JB Player PJ bass with battery and FM transmitter (Professional Series).
484A 60s Harmony five-string banjo. 30 lugs with resonator. Sliding fifth string Capo
484B Banjo case. Hardshell Canadian
485 Beltone (postcard) mandolin with resonator
486A American Conservatory of Music tenor banjo. 24 brackets. Bird's Eye rim
486B 20s banjo case. Hardshell . 31-1/2" by 12-1/2"
487 New York S.S. Stewart banjo/mandolin circa 1920. 20 brackets. Metal rim with maple. Snowflake inlays. Original hardshell case
488 Cremona violin. 13" scale length. Hardshell case. (no bow). Beginners
489 Stella 0-18 (13-1/2"). Scale length 24-3/4". Circa 1930. Pin bridge
490 1930s 00-archtop with a round sound hole. Looks like Kay. Solid wood. Ragtime guitar
491 White Alamo thinline with original grey case
492 Hohner RGK512. D-size 12-string. Good neck angle (which is surprising).
493A Japanese electric/acoustic. Bolt neck F-5 copy mandolin
493B A-style mandolin circa 1910. All mahogany with ropelike black and white purfling. Oval sound hole
493C 14-string mandolin thing. Probably Portugese. Solid spruce top, archtop, round sound hole
493D 12-string teardrop mandolin. Solid top. Made in LapuLapu City. Fancy carved peghead. Fancy purfling. Light ruby top
493E 8-string teardrop mandolin. Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Flat top, round sound hole. Fancy sound hole ring. Pretty cool
494 Giannini teardrop mandolin. Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Solid spruce top. Archtop with round sound hole with fancy rosette
500 Japanese National brand telecaster. Three-tone sunburst. Tunamatic bridge. Two slide switches. Gotoh gears. Made for Sears. Funky, but cool. !
501A Hondo famed strat. All blonde with gold hardware and Kahler bridge. Gold Grovers. Swamp ash body with maple neck. Virtually new. MasterCaster 003
501B Hardshell strat case. Formfit
502 Tiesco tulip trade-in. Moose brand. Flora pickguard, two pickups with slide switches. Clean. Tunamatic and Gotoh gears
503 60s Japanese Tiesco. Tunamatic bridge, raised chrome ickguards with giant thumbwheels and rocker switches. Big peghead and three-tone sunburst. Ala Hound Dog Taylor
504 Harmony Silvertone. 1963 tobacco-burst Jizzcaster. 24 inch scale length -- like Mustang
505A 1965 Eko FD-10 Model 100. Rubyburst, accordion switches. Gotoh gears. Staple pickups
505B D-size plastic case. Molded
506 1957 Jimmy Reed Silvertone. Iceberg pickups. Rubyburst
507 0-size Russian guitar. 7-strings. Unique. Solid woods. Blonde. Commie travel axe
508 Gibson Dove carcass. Flame back and sides. Split parallelogram neck. Top trash
509 Fender Telecaster Bullet. Weird pink splotchy finish. Barbie-style
510 60s three-pickup Hargstrom III. SG-shaped body. Lots of stupid switches. Skinny pencil-dick neck. Blonde
511 60s Italian 330 replica with Welson. Two pickups. Telecaster-style switch. Five-piece neck Skinny Birdland-style. Sunburst. New/old stock with original transparent clear gig bag
512 Early 60s Goya folk guitar. 00-size. Solid German spruce top. Wide 12-fret steel string neck. Finger-pickers special
513 60s Silvertone Jizzcaster. Redburst. Virtually new: In original case, cord and body condom (clear plastic scratch-guard that snaps around guitar body)
514 1950s Regal. Like big rounded-shoulder Dreadnaught. Baseball bat neck. Reset. Plays good. Pin bridge. DEEP body
515 Subway solid body mandocello. Metallic red
516 60s Tiesco mini-330. Super-cool. Great blues guitar. Sunburst finish. Two pickups
517 Howling Wolf Tiesco. Solid body with built-in amp and speaker. Silvertone brand
518 Hagstrom 60s folk guitar. >Gibson-esque. German spruce top. 000-18 size. Sunburst finish
519 Early 60s Japanese folk guitar. Slotted peghead. All blonde. Solid wood. Fancy pearl sound hole ring
520 Bizarre California 60s guitar. Five sound holes. Herringbone purfling. Abalone inlay in neck. Built by Bob Reigel in 1972. All mahogany. Weird Cowboy guitar
521 Early 60s Japanese Audition. Spooky ghostlike (Caspar the Ghost) pickguard. Small body. Big neck
522 1960s Magnetone Tornado. Fender-esque. Sunburst. Original molded flight case
523 Single cutaway Harmony Rocket -- but has Barclay decal on peghead
524 Orange 50s Kay. Solid body with Marjo's putzy peghead
525 Weirdest electric 12. Giant peghead. Ric-style. 330 body. Sunburst. Japanese
526 Japanese Kent 330 copy. Sunburst
527 Aria 330 copy. Green-burst
528 80s Japanese electric. Neck-through. Two octave. Offset body. Two humbuckings. High-quality guitar
529 Japanese Westminister Classic. Top fracture
530 Green-burst Harmony. 1968. Ric-style. Weird f-hole and slider pots
531 Early 60s Ibanez. Stratoid. Rocker switches. Sunburst body. Two pickups
532 Sunburst 60s Astrotone. Weird metal pickguard and two Firebird pickups. Gotohs. Red sunburst
533 60s stratoid Kent. Three pickups. Sunburst. Rocker switches
534 Mitchell D-18. Broken peghead repaired. Goldtone top. Good gears


Ordering Merchandise

I understand your concerns about buying a guitar over the Internet. You can't put your hands on it. You don't know what it'll look like, what it'll sound like, how it will feel. Then there are the issues surrounding shipping anxiety: "Will it arrive undamaged?" "When will it arrive?" "WILL it arrive?" The concerns go on and on: "What's the tracking number?" "Will you ship it today?" "When will you ship it?" "Can I get it tomorrow?"

Here are five key points to put your mind at ease:


"Experience Ecstacy" for a week with your new guitar. If the instrument is not what you expected, then expect a full refund on merchandise returned in the condition of purchase. Fatdog considers this the backbone of good biz (and happy customers).

NOTE: There is no refund for shipping.

Trade-ins are seriously considered at a high value.

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