Final Solution

by Enver Masud

A war against Iraq could kill half a million people -- 3.9 million in the worst case scenario -- warns Collateral Damage, a new report from Medact, an organization of British health professionals.

President Bush, unsuccessful in his efforts to catch Osama bin Laden "dead or alive," and with the U.S. possibly entering a second recession, is anxious to distract Americans with a new bogey man.

Iraq, according to the CIA, has not supported al-Qaeda.

Iraq has not threatened the U.S. Its defense budget is less than one percent of the U.S. defense budget.

Iraq has, for the most part, complied with weapons inspectors sent there under UN Security Council Resolution 687. The weapons inspectors were pulled out of Iraq when the U.S. announced it would attack Iraq.

Israel, on the other hand, has not even been asked, leave alone forced, to comply with this resolution. Article 14 of Resolution 687 has the "goal of establishing in the Middle East a zone free from weapons of mass destruction and all missiles for their delivery and the objective of a global ban on chemical weapons."

What Iraq is guilty of is refusing to surrender to U.S. hegemony, and for this it is to be sacrificed as an example to others.

The UN Security Council has once again been bullied and bribed into passing a new resolution against Iraq. Most honest observers believe Resolution 1441 is little more than a fig leaf for the U.S. to hugely escalate its 12-year war on Iraq.

This escalation may or may not hurt President Saddam Hussein, but it will kill many thousands, perhaps millions, of ordinary Iraqis.

While the world is distracted by Iraq, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon plans to ethnically cleanse the West Bank of Palestinians, and has asked the U.S. to attack Iran after its done with Iraq.

Its ironic that the loudest calls for this "final solution" are coming from those who, since Adolf Hitler's "final solution," have been proclaiming "never again."

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