Part III: More Kookie Guitars

333B: Harmony Stratotone mid 50s all solid
333C: Dormamnu 3 pickup Kay hollow body with flaming peghead

334A: 1960s Kay solid body, 2-pickup
334B: Fernandez get sued by Alembic!
334C: Dutch Egmond with pearloid pickguard and upgraded neck

335A: Subway Vox Teardrop replica
335B: Silvertone hollow les paul 60s gold sparkle
335C: The morphing Murph! Real Southern California candy apple red

336A: Univox. If you get this one, you can blow your brains out with a shotgun!
336B: Marvel or Marvin? 3-pickup Harmony Rocket
336C: Custom Kraft. Thalidymide-style 60s guitar by Supro

337A: Standel Custom. Moserite-ish. If you had an amp company, you had to have some weird guitars
337B: 50s Ric-oid. Barf bag by the guy who brought them to you.
337C: Old Krapsman. Circa 1960 Kay-built

338A: Warmoth Jizzerator. Will have baritone neck shortly
338B: Real and old Danelectro baritone
338C: Paul Barth Magnatone magnabarf

339A: KustomRic-oidian. When you peel off the tuck and roll, this is what you get
339B: Old Krapsman. Solid body Kay with stack pots
339C: Early 60s Kay trying to be an SG, three pickups

340A: Hollow Harmony Stratotone les paul
340B: Krapa Continental. Somebody's attempt at being a strat with some wild tortoise shell
340C: 60 Magnatone Tornado

341A: Krapa Continental. Real early
341B: Dorky USA Krammit. With aluminum neck
341C: Krapa Continental 12 This is cool

342A: Old Peavey T-27 High quality USA-made guitar. You won't get no chicks playing this!
342B: Kay solid body 2-pickup
342C: Bellzouki (Vincent Bell) 60s Danelectro 12

343A: Subway Jizzblaster New/old stock 60s Danelectro stuff. Series parallel and phaze reversal. Used to be called Jizzcaster until Fender's lawyers made us change the name
343B: Circumcized Premiere from the 50s
343C: 60s Premiere bass (MIJ )

344A: Subway Custom Baritone with Alembic pickups and Bartolini pre-amp
344B: Subway bass with Alembic pickups and Bartolini tone circuit, two-octave neck
344C: Epiphone Gibson P-J bass

345A: Hondo/Tokai Danelectro Longhorn copy from circa 1980
345B: 50s Daneletro Longhorn customized by Fatdog about 1968
345C: Eko fiddle bass a la Les Claypool, electric copy (MIJ)

346A: Vox hollow body bass -- 60s -- with electronic doo-dads
346B: Royal Artist (MIJ) 70s Moserite combo copy
346C: Subway Specific bass with Alembic pickups and Bartolini tone circuit, outrageous pillow body

347A: PJMade in Korea
347B: Old Danelectro Silvertone
347C: Compact Yamaha motion bass, 24 frets

348A: 60s Jazz bass MIJ, Skinny neck
348B: Subway Custom with Alembic pickups
348C: Canoepaddle psychedelic pickguard and lipstick tubes

349A: Hagstrom 60s SG bass made in Sweden
349B: Eko Vox made in Italy, 60s
349C: Tiesco hollow body 3-in-1 peghead. (NOTE: Musicman would sue the pants off of you if you had a 3-in-1 peghead, since they claim they invented it. They must have designed this for Tiesco in the 60s)

350A: Goyem-tone 60s MIJ weirdness
350B: Swedish Hagstrom SG with humbuckers
350C: Wem. Brit bass. Watkins Electric Music Company. Charlie Reg. Model: Rapier. Very cool. Burns Bison theme

351A: Eko thalidymide Cadet
351B: Univox Moserite copy
351C: Phantom's attempt at Teardrop copy

352B: Goyem. Panther II You thought it was green, but its snot. Hit with an ugly stick! Push buttons
352C: Krapa Continental bass 60s US

353A: 60s Framus bass Hollow. Real skinny neck
353B: Krammit. Aluminum neck, P-pickup with active circuit. Fretless
353C: SG bass. Very nice. Barbie is BACK! Got sold, played and came back to haunt us. Comes with pink strap

354A: Green Sparkle Canoepaddle. Hagstrom neck MIJ body

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