Fresh inventory continued . . .

Gene V

Locking Gotoh Magnums. Roller Schaller tunamatic. $700.

EKO Fiddle Bass

We had dozens of these, years ago. Les Claypool got excited for one and has been repeatedly photographed with this. The other 40 or so keep circulating through our inventory. They're that weird 60s-looking butt-ugly design theme from Italy. They're okay instruments with an ebony fretboard. $375

Baritone Jizzcaster

You can actually cast jizz on the baritone voicing. Super cool, compact and stylish. Utilizes old Danelectro parts and the Subway custom touch. Wicked! $425.

Dilly-bar [Actually Dillion]

Top-notch 50s goldtop. Les paul style with soapbars. $400

Hagstrom 8-string bass

Wacky Swedish innovation form the 60s. Hammertone silver. $700

Joe Pass

Say "Hi!" to Joe Past. Blonde gold-tone recreation of an early 50s 175. Great be-bop, jazz and blues. Carries on the 40s art deco design tradition with Grover stairstep tuner sand gold tailpiece. Priced from the past at $600.


Pull 'em up tight and ride the space wedge! From Lee's Custom Valley shop. Gold hammertone finish with matching peghead. Toaster-style pickups. Zen styling. $450.


This guitar can't decide if it want to have a whammy or not. $450.

Hoyer 175

Blonde 175 clone. Old German company. Amorphous tailpiece and pearloid pickguard. More of an electric guitar. $600

Hoyer 335

Third attempt at an old dot neck sunburst Gibson. GREAT tone. $400

Fatdog Riviera

Old faded goldtone Riviera copy with authentic parallelagram inlays. Glued-in neck and maple block down the center. $400

Seafoam Green Rockabilly Guitar

Hoyer made, old German tailpiece, Tutonic f-holes. $500

Rock 'N Roll Machine

Single-cutaway, with two Schaller humbuckers and whammy. Blonde-on-blonde. $425


Beautifiul abalone inlay. Pearl rose inlay at 12th fret, flame maple back and sides. Solid spruce top. $300

Cutaway J-200

Shaded top, 4-band EQ, solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides. $375

Cutaway Dreadnaught

Beautiful abalone rosette. D-size cutaway, 4-band EQ. Flame maple, back and sides. Offset fretboard inlays. Old style "V" neck. $325

Rubyburst 335

Block of maple down the center. Glued-in slim neck. $400

Gold 295 Style

Set neck. $600


Ordering Merchandise

I understand your concerns about buying a guitar over the Internet. You can't put your hands on it. You don't know what it'll look like, what it'll sound like, how it will feel. Then there are the issues surrounding shipping anxiety: "Will it arrive undamaged?" "When will it arrive?" "WILL it arrive?" The concerns go on and on: "What's the tracking number?" "Will you ship it today?" "When will you ship it?" "Can I get it tomorrow?"

Here are five key points to put your mind at ease:


"Experience Ecstacy" for a week with your new guitar. If the instrument is not what you expected, then expect a full refund on merchandise returned in the condition of purchase. Fatdog considers this the backbone of good biz (and happy customers).

NOTE: There is no refund for shipping.

Trade-ins are seriously considered at a high value.

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